Tool to Import Outlook PST Data to Lotus Notes is Reliable to the Core

Import Outlook OST files

Outlook to Lotus Notes Connector software is an email server conversion tool that helps to Import Outlook PST Data to Lotus Notes. Microsoft Outlook vs Lotus Notes debate comes to an end with the proof of better features in Lotus Notes. Conversion of all the mailbox items and properties is successfully possible, users can import mails from inbox, outbox, sent items, deleted items, drafts etc. The other items included in the MS Outlook are also migrated easily like the attachments, email properties, calendars, contacts, tasks, imagess, journals etc...

The conversion tool is now faster, better and even more precise and helps in the conversion process of all email items as well as the properties to Lotus Notes keeping allthe database unharmed. The software does not make changes or compresses any ofthe PST data while in the conversion process to NSF files, the migration is done with all the safety measures taken properly with all the files kept safe and transform .pst to .nsf data.

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Outlook to Lotus Notes Connector

  • The Lotus Notes provides works effectively and helps users to make their emails management safe and faster, on the other hand Outlook’s performance is also the same but without much attention given to safety measure and security.
  • Outlook is established by Microsoft which is very much time consuming and monotonous and boring in preservation of this mail platform, it needs to be updated, data recovery storing and fixing of the OS crash which becomes very hectic and full of hassle which is not liked by the user and not like Lotus Notes that has been established under IBM with the advantage of “install-forget”.
  • Once the user is done with the installation of Domino, he is then only needed to visit the box to check on whether any need for enabling or addition of a feature is required.
  • Be it any kind of organization they all want the working process to be simplified with the usage of a mail client that happens to be expert at managing applications. In turn if it gets affected because of the mail server which usually occurs in MS Outlook, then the need of conversion is felt because this is not what happens in Lotus Notes and so it is rated much higher than Outlook.